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Brace yourself:  Long reply ahead :P  I'll answer the questions in chronological order.

Thanks for the help and humor.  Darwins to you!  :D

Thanks. It is one way to keep your sanity. On that tack, if people forward you some religious Email or partucular Christian rant, rewrite it replacing:

"God" with UGABUGA
Jesus with "King Agga"
"Cross" with "Cliff"
Satan/Lucifer/The Devil with "AGUBAGU"
Heaven witn "Happy good place"
Hell with "Unhappy bad place"
Preist/Follwer/Speak for the lord with "shaman"

remove all the noun markers, and noun verb plural agreement

and read it back to yourself. It will both amuse you and put it into the correct light.


Beside, UGABUGA give everyone choice as to believe or not believe.
 You made choice, and after been approach twice and have declined
 twice, we are to leave and never ever return. Now, please take notice I am
 not asking you or any unbeliever in UGABUGA I am familiar with to
 believe in  UGABUGA or accept him. As I am familiar with most you thru reading posts
 I have not made any approach you.

 Fact of matter is ; at mention of UGABUGA by  Shaman, in your
 presence, you people go beserk and start acting like group of brainless
 drug addicts in mortal pain ! Should really see your selves as we shamans
 do, you act like bunch of fools !

 So here is the heart of the matter I describe above;

 1. You (YOU) clamor for proof of UGABUGA. Why would you want ? I know
 you have refused UGABUGA before least twice. Now why would I want
 prove His existence to person dat will very likely end up in
 UNHAPPY BAD PLACE anyway ? You want me preach to you so you can
 argue and debate me, but which you do not know is fact I care nothing
 all about keeping UGBUGA hater out of UNHAPPY BAD PLACE, and I
 WOULD deny YOU chance to keep from going!

 Hence, don't look me to re-enforce your disbelief with more
 you won't accept. It much easier to just let you go to

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