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There you are, Ken Ham said it, so it must be true!

I've seen Ken Ham on TV on occasion, but most young earthers fail to connect
their claims with any common facts.

Adam had some offspring. They did things that imply genius.  You don't have to believe
believe that Adam was real.  Adam, the character we read about, had brilliant offspring.
And he could write;

? Genesis 5 ? Holman Christian Standard Bible  The Line of Seth
1 These are the family records of the descendants of Adam.

Thanks to technology, IQ is falling rapidly. Person to person communication is what
builds I.Q.

Believe him true or not, the character described as Adam was the father of brilliance. 
But only if you believe that children were taught by their parents in those days.
If you think they went away to trade schools to learn how to craft musical instruments
and forge metal, then Dad could have been stupid.  But you also must consider how
advanced the entire clan was to be able to spend time to make musical instruments.

Genesis 4
 21 His brother’s name was Jubal; he was the ancestor of those who play stringed and wind instruments.
 22 Zillah also gave birth to Tubal-cain, the ancestor of[d] blacksmiths and all artisans of bronze and iron.

Now you'd like some non-biblical support for ancient wise guys:

I: The Great Pyramid of Egypt

II: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

III: The Statue of Zeus at Olympia

IV: The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

V: The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

VI: The Colossus of Rhodes

VII: The Lighthouse of Alexandria

The Tower of Babel



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