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Our entire reality was effected as a result of Man deciding to go his own way.

This assertion doesn't begin to address the inequity of me (or you) being guilty of the sin of Adam and Eve, long before we were born.
I rebel - with a just cause.

Only problem is I have no idea who I'm rebelling against because BibleGod obviously isn't real  :o
Some or other god may be real - but where am I to look? An honest reading of the Bible has utterly convinced me it cannot be true, not even between the lines.
I sincerely sought a personal experience of God - absolutely none was forthcoming. The immense silence was telling.
My only honourable way forward is to trust myself.
Would a real God want me to fake it?
Would I even want a God who expects me to fake it?

The problem is that God is not capable of "being in the same room" with anything less than perfection.   Physically we would just be destroyed to be in His presence.  It's not a judgment, its like a "law of nature."   So there things a person needs to do before communication can begin.  Read about "faith" to know what you are expected to do first.

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