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You don't know where I've been already.  Death is for whimps.  Dying is easy as pie.  Living is hell. Living is pain.
Living is for real men.  Whimps go off and risk their lives for glory they never see.  Weak people shoot themselves
just to avoid pain.   Real men work to stay alive and deal with the pain of life.   Death is your head crammed against
a wall till you stop breathing and neighbors complaining of the smell.  Life is dragging the juicy furniture out on the
to get rid of the stench while you gag on it yourself.    Life is over using your leg till a bone breaks and gangrene sets
in.  Then they remove one leg and you get to live with that.  Try real life.  It's tough.

And the greatest part of this "being a man" (and dealing with the real pain of life) is that you get all the credit for doing it! There isn't any good reason for thinking some deity named Yahweh, or Krishna, or Allah, or Horus, or Zeus (or any number of other man-made god names) is doing anything.

When you overcome, you get the glory for your efforts!

That is the beauty of humanism. You take responsibility for yourself. You take the credit when it's due. And you experience the greatness, mystique, and wonder of this precious, priceless, thing we call life on your own. It is yours, and no one else's.

Your parents deserve all the credit at minimum.  And i doubt you'd last long without people who love you for no reason at all.
When you are born you are pretty worthless.  Assuming you start working at 16, that's 16 years of being a burden on society.
I don't see where you should get any credit at all.  Without good training by selfless others, you'r screwed.

My wife teaches special ed.   With the wrong parents, you are a mess.
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