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Jesus came to fulfill the laws so we don't have to follow the OT punishments. 
We follow Gods laws out of Gratitude now.
I've asked this of other people and in other threads here, but I'm still really unclear on what it means to 'fulfill a law'.

SkyWriting, do you perhaps have a non-Jesus/non-god example of how a law can be 'fulfilled'?

I can obey a law.
I can disobey a law.
I can enact a law.
I can repeal a law.
How do I 'fulfill' a law?  I mean, I can 'fulfill' a contract, 'fulfill' a promise...but a law?  How does one 'fulfill' Don't cook lamb in milk?

Was this answered somewhere else and I just missed it?

No, you hit the nail on the head.   Certain results are promised to us if we sin.  Not like laws that can be skirted, interpreted, or not well enforced.
God promised Adam that if he turned away and made his own choices, it was promised that he would die.  No doubt about it.   Jesus filled all those promises made in the old testament.  The "speeding tickets" that we all deserve for going one mile per hour over the speed limit...are all paid.
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