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Did you read what you typed?  You said weeks before...now you're going 'like a day or week earlier'.  Maybe the "weeks before" was hyperbole or something, but it's getting hard to tell.

And that being a contradiction of your claim of "the micro-second I gave God complete control"...just dismissed or something?  Irrelevant?  Actually not a contradiction?

Yes, it is quite confusing.   
Our Father in Heaven set up this following chain of events in my "Time-line"

Week 1. He had a Farmer mow a "crop circle" in his field.
Week 2. He arranged for me to have desperate need.
- He had me pray for help.
- He told me "That's enough prayer, now shut up and let me answer".
- I listened and dropped all my requests and just agreed to Let God handle it all.
- At that instant, the rain stopped, the place to pull off the road was visible, I got my wife and her wheelchair out of the van, the crop circle was dry and the sun came out and her misery was taken care of.

In retrospect there was only one miracle that day.  It was God's timing to let me know that He was there.  Nothing else was really unusual and it could have all happened anyway.  Except for the timing.

This same order of events has taken place several times with the same kind of results, every time.

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