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So in other words, god uses a whistle and only dogs can hear it, but us non-dogs, if we close our eyes and believe real hard and click our heels together three times, then we can hear it too. Right? Why didn't your god, back when I was 8 and 9 and 10 and going to Sunday school, etc. whistle for me and let me know he was there, even in just some tiny little way. Enough of a way to cause me to doubt when I started thinking that maybe he doesn't exist? If he is real and if he has superpowers he would have known way back in 1961 that I was starting to look at the world differently and that I was headed towards non-believing and all he had to do was one little tweet on his god whistle to make me reconsider. Probably couldn't be bothered.
Of course you're going to answer that you don't know why god does the things he does, or in this case, doesn't do, because, you know, he had his street cred to worry about. Operating in mysterious ways and all that crap. Other than warm fuzzy feelings and the illusion that you get to live forever in heaven because you've been a good boy, what do you get out of being a believer? What are the real-world benefits for you. Are you earthquake/tornado/hurricane proof? Can you leap tall steeples in a single bound? Do you suffer fewer diseases, milder leg cramps, less hair loss, sneeze to higher quality pollen, drown more beautifully?  I don't need your god to be good, to be happy or to be optimistic. And the only thing less appealing that living forever is shacking up with Honey Boo-Boo's mom. So I guess the big question is this. Why is the idea of a god so important to you and so irrelevant to me? And too, why would I want to be a pet for all of eternity.

It's always good to have a relationship with your parents.  Even when you don't appreciate
the guidance they give or the help they can provide.  Keeping the lines of communication
open will always help.  God is like that too. 
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