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Nope.  That is an example, or illustration.

Why would you attempt to use such a terrible example which fails miserably at demonstrating your point? Are you willing to retract this example? B/c it doesn't, in any way, prove what you are attempting to say it does. There is simply no reason for thinking that hoarders (or alcoholics, or depressed people, or drug addicts) are such b/c of some "spiritual" deficiency. Such can be demonstrated quite easily by the fact that psychotherapy has helped people (including tons of non-Christians) to recover (without religion). "Spiritual" is not an explanation. It is a non-answer.

Yes, hoarders have a spiritual problem. 
They are just one example of people with
spiritual problems.  Drug abusers are another.

They are people with a deficiency in their lives
attempting to fill the void in their spirit.
Or mask the empty feeling with drugs.
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