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The Genesis account does not describe a "young" earth.  Adam is not an infant, trees have fruit on them, and Adam and Eve can talk.

That's what creation-as-is by a god is supposed to be like.  Adam and Eve created as adults, the Garden created with all its wonders already set up, etc.  Otherwise, what's even being created?

Nothing about the Creation account says that anything was 7 days old on the 7th day of Creation week.

Uhh, yes it does.  If something starts on one day, and is finished 6 days later, then after another day to rest, it's 7 days old.  That is directly what the Creation account says.  As I said, I'm all for not taking it seriously.  But at least admit that you're doing the same, and selectively at that.

A Catholic priest came up with that idea that the earth is young and "Creationists" bought into the idea.   None of the Apostles ever mentioned it.

They didn't have to mention it.  It was already written in the scripture you pretend to believe in.

I have come to the realization that the scriptures are accurate.
But the descriptions of trees and fruit and such do not describe a seed 7 days old in soil.
Even if it did, what is soil?

So nothing is described as being created "young".   Creation seems to be "mature" from day one.
That's why science does not disagree with the scriptures.
It disagrees with people who think the Bible requires a "young" earth, when it doesn't.
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