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.....the bug under your floorboards.  "You haven't killed him.  Should the bug take this as clear evidence that you feel something specific for him?  If not, why not?"

Fine.  Bugs don't reason anything. 

Now, assuming a reasoning bug.
I don't kill him.
Yes, I may be Buddist and not kill bugs.  Lucky bug.
I may not like sprays, lucky bug.
I may not like the spray companies, lucky bug.
I may not care about bugs, lucky bugs.
I may kill him anyway with floor cleaner, unlucky bug.
I may eat bugs and find him, unlucky bug.
I may collect bugs and feed him in a box - good
I may collect bugs and stick him with a pin - bad for bug
The bug may get eaten by other bugs - bad

OK,  you got me I guess.

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