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I wish Nye had known a little more about the Bible.  E.g., "Mr. Ham, in the 11th chapter of Genesis, there's a story about a king and his people, who wanted to build a tower to Heaven.  It says that God went down and looked, and in 11:6, he says, 'Nothing they conceive in their hearts will be impossible for them.'  Now, I predict that you're going to find some way to say that Genesis doesn't really say that it's possible to build a tower out of mud-brick with slime for mortar that can reach Heaven, or that God actually has to come down and look before he can find out that a construction project like that is under way. 

"I predict that you would never seriously attempt to take literally the things Jesus says about money, even while you take what Leviticus says about homosexuality literally--while conveniently ignoring what Leviticus says about eating shrimp wrapped in bacon.  What this means is that you're not just reading the Bible as if it was a scientific treatise or car repair manual and believing what it says.  You're picking and choosing which parts you want to believe and apply to support your political positions on sex and marriage, and which parts you want to ignore or 'interpret' away.  You, Ken Ham, and your followers are doing the picking and choosing so that you can--as you stated in the beginning of this debate--establish your claim to 'authority' to legislate sexual behavior.  That's no valid basis for a scientific model of cosmic origins."

I agree. When Ken Ham said, "Uh, Bill, I . . . I just want to let you know that there . . . there actually is a book out there that actually tells us where matter came from", it would have been nice to have a Sam Harris or a Christopher Hitchens on stage to slap that shit down and scold that motherfucker for poisoning children's minds.
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