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You will be very sad   :'( and disillusioned, if you think for one moment that God does not love you.
I can assure you that He does indeed love you b/c when you cry and feel bad or unloved, and eventually you get over it and feel better, it is b/c, do you agree,that it is because there is a presence of good in people, so ALL is not so bad!   &)
Even your pet animals will look to you for affection because they trust you and expect  THAT of you,  and they will give you back their love & devotion back to you, because you, by feeding and loving them, are treating them with love and kindness and care,  :angel: which is the dna, given to you from God. God loves you so  I can respect AND LOVE YOU, too.  Why? B/c I know that God Loves Me because the Bible tells me so, and I am so grateful to God for all of the beautiful things in the world. 8) Did that help you feel loved and appreciated?  :-
bodybuilding123  :laugh:

I'm sorry to say it but your pets will eat your face given half a chance


edit: post initially too harsh

Good post. I regret missing out on the original harshness, lol.

I said something awhile back that was kinda related to this:

Man has always wanted his way, and doesn't really care what the creator thinks. Man, through sin has always caused his own problems, and God keeps bailing us out even though we don't believe in him.

Let me tell you a little bit about Man.

There are humans who have put large dangerous animals to sleep, so they can repair a life-threatening broken body part on the animal. These humans are well aware that if the animal had a chance, that animal would eat them. These humans are not angry at the animal because of its ignorance that prevents it from fully appreciating what they do. These humans are simply trying to spread happiness. If they could, you know they would rid the world of unhappiness. They are simply powerless to do so.

Your God supposedly isn't. Heh.

You are fooled by your ancient fairy tale into constantly putting Man down and blaming Man, allthewhile making excuses for your asshole, fuckin' fairy-tale God.
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