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If you are a homosexual man:

Walk into a gay bar. Pull your pants down. Bend over. Loudly yell, "Come and get it!" Before long, your butthole will be plugged with gay cock.

Bullshit. I've been to gay clubs and i hadn't seen anyone do anything but dance with their partner, but never did anyone try to hit on me. I'm willing to bet that if i pulled my pants down and say, "Come and get it," i would be tossed out and be told i'm not coming back. No, sorry.

If your ass is all hairy and/or cottage cheesy, then try Emergency Protocol - Grade 1:

Leave your pants on. Wait 'til the sun goes down. Go sit on one of those gay guys' lap. Wiggle your ass round and round. He will then ask you out into the parking lot. There you will receive a good butt-slamming. Trust me.


Men, on average, gay or straight, are some horny motherfuckers. Period.

Horny? Maybe,

Thank you for considering the possibility that men, on average, are horny. It's the main reason that there are over 7 billion people in this world.

but not crazed that we would shag anything in sight like dogs.

Perhaps not, but still hornier than women, on average.
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