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I am aware of a huge amount of evil things written in the bible, not to mention errors and contradictions. The bible also says the Jews were evildoers, people who several times turned their hearts to other gods, people who ignored God's commands and so on. So I believe (and this is corroborated) the bible have been manipulated and its content changed over the years, furthermore I consider even when it was written, a lot of things were included for human / particular reasons, and those things were not part of God's actions or will.

This bullshit has been embarrassingly debunked countless times from just about every possible angle. But as long as dishonest assholes retreat to this non-retreat, people who are sick and tired of this shit will continue to call "Bullshit!" on these idiots.

The reason for the occurrence of the Human Biblical Alteration ArgumentTM can be reasonably explained like this:

The Bible is a collection of ancient[1] human writings. There have been many humans who have contributed to the Bible's content. The amount of originality of each individual's contribution varies from one contributor to the next. Some human contributions were verbal, some were written. Some people have noticed the ignorance and inconsistency of the Bible and have properly dismissed the Bible as just another bullshit man-made story. Other people have noticed this same ignorance and inconsistency and have concluded that the ignorant and inconsistent parts must have been created by men. These people fail to notice that even the most brilliant parts of the Bible have been surpassed in knowledge and wisdom by other writings of humans. They also fail to realize that an extremely capable being would never communicate in this fashion. These people are trying to salvage as much of "The Word of God" as they possibly can. "The Word of God" is defined by what they are currently comfortably accepting as being "The Word of God".

The Human Biblical Alteration ArgumentTM is an obviously extremely weak argument, whether it comes from a Christian or a Muslim. At least there is a term for it in mainstream Islam. It is called "Tahrif". You see, if you are a Muslim using this argument, it is accepted common "knowledge" throughout your religion that the Bible has been corrupted by men. At least Allah gave a reissue of the Original Word of GodTM to The Prophet Mohammad[2]. The Christian god, on the other hand, never corrected what Man has done. YHWH just leaves it up to the Christians to decipher what is His Word and what isn't. It's funny how these Christians of the Corrupted WordTM can't come to an agreement on what is God's Word and what isn't. As a matter of fact, mainstream Christianity accepts the entire Bible as "The True Word of God".

This bullshit is weak on so many fronts.

You, Augusto, are no different than any other religious lunatic. You just keep making up the bullshit as you go along.

 1. Depending on which version of the Bible you are referring to, some of the content might have been added at a later-than-ancient time(depending on how you define the word "ancient").
 2. Peace be upon Him. Well, on further thought, fuck him.
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