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Hi Brakeman,

Long time no talk to. Thanks for your patience waiting for me to come back. We’ve had many different things going on over the last few months. I’m not guaranteeing that I’ll be regular going forward, but I am taking some time off and should be able to carry on a conversation for a week or so, if that’s okay.

No, I'm talking about your beliefs, not the beliefs of long dead people. The Exodus story was recorded hundreds and hundreds of years after the supposed event.
It’s easy to make claims when we gloss things over. Please be specific in how you think things happened. Hundreds of years later someone wrote a story that falsely injected into the Hebrew’s history a description of the Exodus, the Sinai events, the desert wanderings, etc. Everyone believed them even though there was no, according to you, tribal traditions, no stories handed down, etc. They believed these suddenly fabricated stories so much that it became the central aspect of their entire culture. Is that what you’re trying to say happened?

Please also tell me why the author of these books could not have been Moses as tradition states (other than the part about his own death maybe).

You can’t just wave your hands without giving logical arguments as to why your side is correct and the other is not. You can stick just to the Exodus story.
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