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If he's already dismissed my arguments before I make them it's pretty certain he's not going to concede anything.

That's IF. I guess well see.

Considering your previous history. That you really just meant "if" is highly unlikely.

Listen I haven't refused anything. If anyone wants to bring up points again I'll answer them, I'm even going to use some of these posts in the other threads and I asked people to PM me if it was off topic and I'd join another debate thread and talk about it there.

Funny, because I remember what you said the last time that you were here. Let's refresh our memories with one of the last posts from your previous stay here, before your rather long leave of abscence.

So you don't understand that you were being intellectually dishonest?

Or you do understand that, and don't understand how it would make someone angry?

I would appreciate it if you didn't ignore the pertinent points I made in my post.
No I wasn't being intellectually dishonest.

I haven't ignored anything. I have to process some of the things you and others have said, I may think about it awhile and get back to you later.


I'm going to take my time though. I'm about to log off for a while because I have a life.

I hope to continue this discussion and others later.

That time too, you left a long list of unanswered or unresponded to questions or points. That time too you said that you had to take the time to process them. That was a little under a year ago that you took off like that. Did it really take you that long to process all of those.

You're even behaving in the exact same way. You started with an unsubstantiated statement of opinion. In fact I note that you asked a lot of the same questions then that you're asking now. Questions that were answerd by the people here, by the way. I also note that you dodged and avoided a lot of the same issues when they came up. Such as the question that Aaron has been asking about the babies. That came up in the previous thread. You then moved onto blanket claims about atheists. Then after you got shot down you started ignoring issues and making claims about not having time and how you wanted to take some time to think.

Like I said nothing new. You're even using the same arguments as last time. Or trying to at least.

I have a few questions "rhetorical" What's the big hurry here?

I'd like an answer before your next upcoming disappearance act. Which should be soon if your history is any indication.

I'll probably discuss every topic mentioned in this thread and then some in the future.

Both your current behaviour and your history say otherwise.

Is it possible that I would like to think things through rather than coming up with a knee jerk response to hush people?

Possible. But if you really did spend the better part of a year doing that, and you could only come up with the same stuff you used last time.......

I'm not going to just be emotional and post I'm trying to think it through.

Of course you are.
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