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The universe is expanding.  And this is proof of a Big Bang?  Please explain.  Acting like I asked a dumb question does not answer the dumb question.  Please explain how it happened.  I'm serious.

Ok, look Rocky. I'm going to try to be straight with you for a minute. Here's the problem of why I can't explain it to you.

Picture you and I are going to go to a baseball game. Now myself not being interested in sports in the least, I tell you that I don't think baseball is a very good game. I just don't understand it.

So you say to me, "Well what don't you understand?"

At which point I answer,"I just don't see how the game works. For instance what do you call it when the batter catches the ball and runs over the goalpost while dribbling the soccer ball into the net?"

You see the problem here? Like this theoretical me, your knowledge of the subject matter is so utterly broken, glued up and twisted together with other pieces of information from other things that there's almost no way to answer you, because you lack even the fundamental knowledge to consider the proper questions. And you lack the desire to actually learn the proper information that would let you realize what the right questions to ask are.

Take your continued insistence on information of the Big Bang and abiogenisis to prove evolution. This is a criteria that can never be met. Not because there is no evidence for the Big Bang Theory or for evolution, or abiogenesis. Because the three theories are unrelated to each other. Nothing about the Big Bang either proves nor disproves evolution, beause they are not connected. Just like the fact that your car is working properly doesn't prove the sun will rise tomorrow. You are asking for something that cannot exist because the very question is ignorant, twisted and nonsensical.

So what else is anyone supposed to do except just shrug their shoulders and say "You're an idiot". Page after page has already been spent trying to explain even basic concepts to you. And everytime you ignore them and ask the same twisted nonsense questions that everyone has already told you is a nonsense question.

If you want actual intelligent answers you can get them here, but you have to start acting like an intelligent person first.

And the Earth was part of this expansion that was able to hold the elements for life?  And this life emerged from chaos and evolution created you and I and all the extreme diverse life forms we see today?  And the Big Bang was caused by?  And the elements and matter got there how?  And what caused the explosion?  And how did we evolve again?  That's mind-numbing if you think about it.  Have you ever really thought about the entire process that you propose?

This is an example of what I mean. This is utter rambling nonsense. It's a pastiche of different ideas cobbled together without a single coherent thought. It's just random questions without a proper sequence to them. They're not even all on the same subject. What do you expect anyone to do with this?
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