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Not trying to. I post my honest, immediate reactions to your posts.

Before you said that:

 "I'm not just posting any old nonsense that pops into my head. I give my responses a lot of thought and my views reflect what I believe."

So which is it? Whichever is most convenient for you to claim to get away from giving a proper response?

It would appear there is a distinction between 'dwelling' with evil and temporary closeness. But I really can't say for sure.

It might also rest on distinctions between God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. As you're certain;y aware, the trinity is something Christians don't agree on.

Miles.....seriously. Do you actually read your own words to yourself? This excuse is so weak and sad that I'm not even sure what to say about it. I feel like anything I say to take it apart would be like smashing a wheelchair bound man with a semi-truck.

So, if there was somebody who had genuinely never for a moment suspected somewhere in their heart that God was real, that person may have some excuse. But the bible says that is not the case  ( although I don't know how this applies to those who, due to age or illness, are unable to think about God. )

You're still ignoring the obvious facts that choice cannot exist in the Christian worldview.

Also you're forgetting that god also states that he will deliberately cause some people to disbelieve in him. And again, which god? People talk about all sorts of gods, and they use the same evidence you do.

Jesus said "knock and the door shall be opened unto you, seek and you shall find", and He gave examples to indicate that sometimes perseverance is needed. I believe the Holy Spirit is available as a gift to all those who genuinely, sometimes persistently, seek Him.

I notice you have a habit of making a lot of these underhanded, severely egotistical/arrogant statements.

You're outright claiming that everyone that doesn't believe in your particular god only does so because they have never actually looked for him. Not just atheists, but all of the Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, etc. and everyone else who came to a different conclusion has just never looked hard enough because if they had then they would have obviously come to the same conclusion that you did.

You have just actively passed judgement on the vast majority of humanity. Making assumptions about all of their thoughts and actions in a single broad sweep, because (according to you) no one who actually looked for god could have come to any other conclusion than you have. This also includes other Christians who came to different conclusions about Jesus and god than you did (who you have previously claimed are not True Christians).

Might I also point out that you are making this claim despite your utter inability to provide even a single iota of evidence to justify your own beliefs. Or to even separate your own beliefs from something you just made up.

I invite you to honestly consider for a few moments the complete arrogance and close-mindedness implicit in your words and your position. Not to mention the sheer disrespect you show for every other human being on Earth who is not a Christian of your particular brand of faith.

I think the key to getting some sort of understanding on this is to grasp just how holy God is and to then realise how evil we are.

He can't be that Holy since he created us, who you say are evil. Created Satan, who is evil, and did all of this knowing it would be like this.

This is one of the many reasons why I pity you so much, Miles. There is so much in this world and you let your own ignorance taint your mind into thinking that it's all evil, and the only way that anything can be good is through an invisible tyrant who can only possibly exist inside your own mind.
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