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Anyway, I get the feeling that you guys generally think God is an imperfect pathetic sadist.

Depends on the god. The Christian god, absolutely. That would be because he is.

So based on this opinion of him you say he doesn't exist because you don't want such a God to exist, but your opinion of him doesn't change the truth regarding his existence or non existence.

That's about what everyone has said, yes. Though it is not based on the opinion that god is a sadist. It is based on reality. Reality doesn't care what we want to believe.

for example, life comes from life (we all know this to be currently true)

No we don't. You're actually just making that up.

so until someone shows this scientific law

Not a scientific law. A "scientific law" has a specific meaning. You clearly don't know what that meaning is, so don't go around using the term.

Furthermore there is nothing scientific about what you just said. It was made-up and stated out of igorance of biology. Please learn what you're talking about before you make claims.

then we should be thinking that the first living cell must have come from a living being regardless of how hopeless we think that being is.

No, we should think that only if the evidence leads us to such a conslusion. Which so far it doesn't. Or at least it points to other ideas as being more likely.

Please be aware that our opinion of "God" has a huge bearing on how we conduct research and we need to be open and honest about how it affects our research.

No it doesn't. Or at least it shouldn't. If your opinion of god affects your research then, quite frankly, you're not a very good researcher.
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