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ok. i get it. any suggestion as to what to read? to learn more about how religion is false ? or just to educate my self about this

Well Richard Dawkins has some good books on the subject such as the God Delusion. Christopher Hitchens has a lot of good ones as well such as "God is not Great". Also Sam Harris has several good books and Bart Ehram has a lot of good stuff as well.

Really though, what I would actually recommend is to pick a holy book from a religion other than the one you were raised in and read it while thinking about it from the position of a skeptic. Write down all of the questions that come to mind, such as "How do I know this is true?" or "Where is the evidence that this happened?", anything that makes you question what the book says. Then try to see what answers the people of that faith provide for those questions (most of the questions you'll have written down will likely have been asked many times before so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding them). Then ask yourself why their answers don't convince you (or why they do).  Also note down whenever it says something that you have a hard time believing and also note why you don't believe it.

Then take whatever holy book is used in the faith you were raised in and apply those same questions to what you read there, trying to be as skeptical as you can (sometimes hard to do when it's your own religion you're thinking about, I know). Then ask for answers from others of the faith (don't answer them yourself, see what others tell you). Then note why they convince or don't convince you. Then compare the two sets of notes, and by that time I think you'll have had a lot of revelations about the nature of religion.
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