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Yes. You dislike the character of God. You prefer to swallow the lie that if you do your best and don't do too much wrong, all will be OK.

There is no "lie" to swallow. It doesn't matter whether I live the life of a saint or go down in history as the most prolific mass-murderer in recorded history, there is nothing but oblivion after death for me to be concerned over. I choose to be as good a person as I can humanly be without having the need of a "carrot" (heaven) dangling before me.

You expect every wrong thing you have ever done to be ignored and pardoned

Wrong again. I own up to my mistakes and willingly accept whatever punishment is appropriate, unlike those Christians who think a lifetime of breaking commandments can be absolved with a heartfelt plea to Jesus.

Care to make any more false character assumptions?

but at the same time you demand justice and punishment of those whose offences you deem worse.

Which makes me different how from any other person who has been wronged?

In short, you prefer to be your own God.
Correct. I am my own (lower case) god. So are you. So is everyone else who has ever lived. We create. We destroy. We love. We hate. We forgive. We met out retribution. I think you get the picture.
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