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velkam.  :-)  it's funny you mention the options thing, because Pathfinder took the 3.0/3.5 ideas of options, and combined it with a 2nd edition concept of "kits" to create "archetypes" for all the classes.  You can play a straight-up fighter, for example, or choose a variety of archetypes (2-weapon fighter, pole-arm master, archer, etc)  they did a REALLY good job of balancing things, and of making sure that every (or almost every) level you gain has SOMEthing cool to offer.

Between archetypes, feat selection, traits (sort of "half-powered feats" everyone gets 2 to start play with), and race options, it's pretty damned sweet.

You had me at "it's funny you mention the options thing". ;D

It looks like I'm just going to have to put off paying the utility bills this month... momma's got some shoppin' to do!
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