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As I have already stated in other posts dealing with Satan and his angel followers waging war with God, anyone would have to be a special brand of stupid to think they could win against, let alone throw down with an omnipotent creator.

That being said, should I ever be confronted with undeniable proof of the Judeo-Christian God's existence, I would still refuse to worship him even under the threat of everlasting pain and punishment.

Why? Because I'm a realist.

Since I cannot wipe my mind clean of every horrible and sadistic act he has committed, I would not be able to... no matter how hard I tried... bring myself to respect such a being.

In addition, there would be no point with attempting to fake being converted, since God... being omniscient... would clearly see through my charade.

So, I'm basically screwed either way. There is nothing I can do to change my fate, so why shouldn't I continue to reject "Bible God" and what he stands for up until the very end? For what little it's worth, at least I'll die with some shred of dignity before roasting in Hell for all eternity.

On another matter, I do not know what your particular view of homosexuals may be, but as a lesbian I would ask you to consider using another word than "faggot" to get your point across. It's bad enough I have to hear those inbred Westboro Baptist bastards constantly using it without seeing it show up here. Thanks.

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