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Luk, I just finished rereading both the "Meticulous care in the transmission of the Bible" and the "Historicity of Jesus" web pages you had linked to in your post #435 Defiance was referring to.

I'll let him clarify what he was addressing in his response to you, but in the meantime, I would like to revisit a question I had asked of you which the sites mentioned above failed to provide an answer for.

In that post, you had responded to this question of mine...
how can you know for certain that what is contained in the four Gospels is absolutely true while the rest of the Bible (according to your earlier statements) is comprised of stories (all of the OT and the NT being questionable)?
...with the two aforementioned links you had cited as sources to back up your claim that with the exception of the Gospels, the rest of the Bible (the OT in particular) was not to be taken as a literal or factual account of the events portrayed within (such as the Creation Week, eating from the Tree of Knowledge, Noah's global flood etc.).

Upon examining the contents of both sources, I have discovered that neither addresses nor provides any evidence to support this particular claim of yours. In fact, the "Meticulous" site clearly states:
The preceding pages contained only a tip of the iceberg of the evidences that support the Bible as the true Word of God,

Again, this site clearly speaks to the entire Bible... Not just the Gospels... as being the "one true word of God".

This leads us back to my original question: on what basis do you make the claim that the OT and most of the NT are works of fiction? Does the Catholic religion you belong to support or reject this claim?
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