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I have a personal, let us say 'dislike' for JWs due to the fact that my 1st girlfriend... who was raised in this cult but was no longer a member of their church... said she would still refuse a life-saving blood transfusion due to her inability to shake off all of the BS she had been fed. I've had a particular disdain for them ever since.

I had my own run-in with two JWs around three years ago. Up until then, I would just not answer the door when they would come a'calling... but after just finishing reading David Mills' "Atheist Universe", I was feeling a bit cocky with seeing just how well I would be able to go toe-to-toe with them.

It was an older man in his 50's and his "padawan": a kid that looked no older than 18-19.

I started right off the bat stating that I was an atheist, and that I would make them a deal: they would get 5 minutes to give me their best sell, then I would get 5 minutes to explain my position that all religions were man-made mythologies.

David Mills' book almost point-by-point laid out every argument he made in "proving" that god exists and how to successfully counter each and every one. The highlight for myself was catching him misquoting the 2nd law of thermodynamics (he left out "in an isolated system" that entropy can only increase in our universe), and my reponding how there exists "open" systems within the universe (sun and the earth, for example) that allows for order and evolution to take place.

Long story short, the kid actually watched slack-jawed as I confidently and easily rebuked every one of his talking points and finished... just as Star Stuff... with my predicting that had he been born and raised in the Middle East to Islamic parents and surrounded by friends of similar faith, he would be on my porch right now praising Allah and handing out copies of the Koran instead of The Watchtower.

He finally stated that "We would just have to agree to disagree." before wishing me a good day and leaving. I had hoped that I was able to get that poor kid to at the very least not blindly accept what was being drilled in to his head, but somehow I doubt it.

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