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But, hang on, if the Hebrew were god's chosen people ... why did the Egyptians have such a massive technological lead over them?

Except when it came to petrochemicals... y'know, lamp oil that last 7 days longer than other brand name competitors. ;)

Although I was being tongue-in-cheek with my op, you hit upon the point I was trying to make. By all accounts, the Hebrews had at least the opportunity to be the most technologically advanced society of that era. Of course, the xians would probably counter with something along the lines of "They were single-mindedly focused on spiritual matters, and god provided everything they needed to flourish" or such similar rubbish.

I actual read on another xian site that it was Noah's sons who built at least one of the great pyramids in Egypt as a place to store and preserve all of their history and knowlege in preparation of the flood. The other pyramids were just copies built long afterwards by the Egyptians. Ugh. 

But the bible confirms that they (Egyptians and everyone else) had Gods that were equally as likely as Yahweh... at least until the alter lighting test that Christians will avoid at all costs today. To be sure, even Yahwehs own chosen people seemed to be continually unimpressed by Yahweh's power as they always seemed to go back to worshipping other gods. Which suggests that Yahweh was, in their minds, only as real as the other gods they were aware of. All of which the world pretty much accepts as not real.

This is also something that has irked me when they talk about how wonderful and all-powerful their god is. One inconvenient truth they love to ignore is that... according to their own mythology... even 1/3 of the heavenly host were able to be persueded by god's second-in-command to rebel against him. And they... unlike us poor humans who are supposed to rely on only faith... had undeniable proof of his existance.
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