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...And David killed Goliath with a ray gun.

According to Ken Ham (president and founder of aig):
Many of the ancient people listed in the Bible’s genealogies lived very long lives.


There's even a chart listing the ages of the biblical patriarchs, who all lived on average (pre-flood) 900 years or so.

This got me to thinking... look at all of the great thinkers of the ancient world: Aristotle... Archimedes... Hippocrates... Ptolemy just to name a few, and the world-changing ideas and inventions they came up with during their realitively "normal" lifespans. Just imagine what they could have accomplished had they been "blessed" with even another 100-200 years of life!

So, it stands to reason that between Adam and his long-lived decendants, the collective wisdom and knowledge bequeathed from father to son over the centuries should have produced at least one world-changing contraption, right? Right??

In fact, I bet that given any invention would have been so technologically advanced that it would have appeared indistinguishable from magic to the locals! Oooops... did I say magic...? I meant miracles!

It all makes perfect sense now... there is no conflict between the religion and science!! Forget trying to prove the Shroud of Turin is real or not... what we should really be putting our efforts in to is finding the bacta tank Jesus was put in to heal his wounds after the crusifiction... I mean, crusifixion!

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