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Oh...well, what's wrong with boycotting?

we have to be more proactive. for about four years running, a group of friends and i hi-jacked every baby jesus from every manger scene in the county. we made the paper three of those four years. i still have the clippings. we used paintballs and BB guns to destroy any and all religious decorations. (we also painted the stolen baby jes.. jesuses? jesi? ...what the fuck is the plural of "jesus?!?" ...anyways, we painted them up like linda blair, drove nails through their little hands and feet, attached wings from dead crows, basically made whatever improvements we could and on xmas eve, we would leave them on the doorsteps of our friends... as presents). w2e declared war on christmas, but unfortunately we were forced to resign from our harmless acts of social terrorism when the police got involved.
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