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Very close.  Obviously without agreeing the theology, I accept 1, 2, 4, and (possibly) 6 (and where did 5 get to?  ;D )

I'm not sure that I understand (3), in that I'm not sure where the "thousands of choices" come from where there was only a single one of those choices that was sinful (and to be honest, I think that "thousands of choices" makes your argument a whole lot less tenable).  So far as I can see, there was only a binary choice, to sin or not, to eat the apple or not, but I could well be wrong.

Can you list a few of the many choices for me please so I can see where you are coming from, in that only one of them is sinful please?

He could have eaten from these trees, The Knowledge of: Personal Hygine, Medicine, Faster than Light travel, Life the universe and everything, but Noooo, he had to eat from that tree!
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