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I like the first and most important lesson of Christianity:

You deserve torture and burning in a lake of fire for all eternity for comitting the most heinous crime/sin of all, being born. Even though Jesus himself said that God does not punish you for the sins of your ancestors, that is counter to Christian Theology. All of Creation must pay because Adam had the hots for Eve.

God could heal amputees if he wanted to... but Adam and Eve ruined that for everyone. He'll still heal that common cold, if you pray 5 times a day for seven days or somesuch, but amputees bodies are too corrupt from 'original sin' that the All-Powerful god cannot overcome. Therefore he needs humans to develop the technology to accomplish this, then he can get the credit for giving us the intelligence and resources to engage in such endevors. Despite this, Christians fight over tooth-and-nail to stop all research in this direction.

God cannot create a sinless being inside someone that has sinned, because of that, Mary was also born from a sinless virgin. (Catholic Doctrine: [Immaculate Conception]) But, how did Mary's mother come to be?

That's two "cannots" for an "All-Powerful God" isn't it? 

Didn't follow the link, and since nothing else was mentioned about it, so the Catholic snippet was just added from my background, ie. what I was taught to believe. Still, no medical proof of someone being an amputee, then after any god healed them, medical proof that they are no longer an amputee.

Question: Who's faith does it depend on? The 'healer,' the one that's asked for the healing, or both?
How much faith does it require to be before a crowd and ask for healing?
How much faith does it require to go thru 'laying on hands' before a crowd, knowing that if you fail, you'll be ridiculed?
How much faith does it require to try to stand after being asked to?
Is this still not enough?
Clearly not.
So, how much then?
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