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If these events never happened why would the people at the time preserve the book? If it were 'nonsense' they would have ridiculed the book and got rid of it- can you imagine if someone wrote a history of the of the 19th century and continually claimed the industrial revolution never happened we wouldn't take it would we? This book certainly would be kept for thousands of years and rewritten and revered would it?

I guess Pecos Bill really did lasso a Tornado then, because it's in a book! I guess Paul Bunyan was really as tall as a mountain and had a blue ox that was incredibly large as well! The little engine that could? Must have really happened to! "No one would have written it down if it were 'nonsense.'" "Would have been ridiculed the book and got rid of it." Right?

Have you ever heard of fiction? There's a whole section of it at a public library. It's "make-believe." It's "nonsense." None of it's real. People read it for entertainment. People read it for inspiration or "moral lessons." 

Here we have a book that's lasted for thousands of years that says, "You don't have to take responsibility for your actions. If you do something wrong, or something goes wrong with your body, it was Demons! It stuff goes good, it's because you're following 'God's Plan[1]' for your life, and if your world falls apart? It's because God's just "testing you." After all, God would never allow anything happen to you that you cannot handle, if you have faith in him."

Also, I believe the Iiliad & Oddessey has been around just as long, if not longer. The Epic of Gilgamesh though, is what part of the buybull was based on. Atlantis, Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow... etc. I could go on for years. People believe in all kinds of stuff that isn't real. Because so many cultures believe in gods, like they believe in vampires, I guess that proves vampires are real too? Or that there's "some truth to it?" The "truth" is that humans have fears. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being someone's/something's lunch. Universal fears, and the way we evolved, similar paths, so we make up similar stories to qwell those fears. No matter how powerful the vampire, an arrow/stake to the heart or sunlight is all it takes, and the vampire always gets it in the end.
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