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Do you believe in Santa Claus? Are you angry with him because he doesn't deliver presents to you on dec 25th? Would you instead be mad at your parents for willfully and knowingly lying to you to control you? I don't care for the "truth" of Santa because I know he doesn't exist. I don't care for the people who pass laws to make Santa happy. I don't care for the people who tell me I'm evil because I do not follow the Santa Code, sing praises to him, go to Santa Club every Sunday, or donate money to the Santa Fund.

Am I angry with Santa? No, I am not. I am also not angry with your God, Allah or Zeus either. One can look at the descriptions of these gods and look at reality, see how don't match and know that these gods are not real. Is there a creater god? I don't know, but until they decide to show themself, I see no point living my life to make something that "exists outside of time and space" happy. I see people around me everyday that mean more to me than any god.

If your mother was left by your father right after he knocked he up and has had nothing to do with you or her ever since, do you owe him your life? Because he's the seed that helped gave you life? No, you owe him nothing. You may want to meet your father. Your mother may tell you every day that your father wants to have a personal relationship with you, to be your father, but until your father makes an effort to meet you, does he really? Does she say it because she doesn't want you to know that she may have drunk and doesn't want you to know that no love was involved with what brought you life? Or that you were just an accident, because she thought she wouldn't get pregenant for whatever reason? Or does she say it to consul herself, because she wished he loved her, instead of the reality that all he wanted was a good time? 

The difference between this example and god, is that you know you have a father. Your mother wouldn't have gotten pregnant if no sperm entered the egg that became you. For god though, every time we learn something new, god becomes less. He used to throw lightning bolts, but we learned that it's just static electricity. He used to move pillars and make earthquakes, but now we know there's no pillars and that they're cause by plate tectonics. Now the only things that god is in the realm of is the origin of the universe and the origin of life. We may or may not learn what the cause is, but god? When someone misses the first 498 of 500 things attributed to him written under "his inspiration" we can guestimate that he didn't have anything regarding the last two either.

There once was a day that everyone thought the Earth was flat. Then some Greeks 500 BCE realized the Earth is round and figured it's circumference to within a few miles. I know someone posed this question: What keeps people from falling off? And the person who discovered it had no reply other than, "I don't know." I bet everyone laughed and the one who proposed that the Earth is round. Just because he didn't know, did that mean he was incorrect about the Earth being round? You see, 2,000 years later a man did discover what kept people from falling off. He also proposed a theory on what it would take to maintain an orbit. You know what it is? It's the "just a theory[1]" Theory of Gravity. You get that right? Two thousand years of, "I don't know" before we discovered the answer. Hundreds of years after the New World was discovered and the Earth proven to be round.

Will it be 2,000 years before we discover the origin of the universe? I hope not. We might never figure it out, but until a god steps in, shows themself and states, "It was me!" I am certain that no god had anything to do with it.
 1. what theists love to say about the theory of Evolution.
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