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Look carefully at what happened here.  Instead of engaging with premise (1), CuriousGirl picks a verse out of the bible that she doesn't like, shows how a cursory surface look disagrees with current cultural values in the US, and then tell us that the point is won.  Clearly, it's not.  It's not even engaged.  It's not even discussed.  Just a bit of Bible-bashing, a conclusion with a link to an evolutionary just-so story about how morality might have evolved, and then she moves on.

That she doesn't like? Cursory surface look? You've got to be kidding. Clear evidence that morality is subjective depending on the time and place you live. If you think your daughter getting raped means $13[1] to you,  :o but there are people in this world, including Atheists that have better subjective morals, than your objective ones.

You're taught in Church: Adultry is a married person having sex with someone they're not married to. Infedelity is a married person having sex with someone they're not married to. However Infedelity can result in Divorce, and according to the same Law of Moses, Adultry is punishable by death. So what's the difference? It all has to do with if the ox[2] is married or not. If she is, adultry, if not infededilty. So therefore it is impossible for a married woman to commit infedelity, and for an unmarried woman to commit adultry. Dude wants a sex buddy? Fine, she's called concubine. The woman wants one? She gets stoned to death.

I'll go on: If a woman catches her husband with another woman and kills him, she is to be put to death like the oxen she is, like you would for one that has gored a man. If he catches her with another man and kills her, he is exercising his god given right because she is HIS PROPERTY.

If a man and woman get divorced[3] he is free to remarry, but if she does, everytime she lays with her new husband she is commiting Adultry against her first husband because God considers them to still be married. Till he dies, then his sperm magically leaves her body.   :?

The Bile was written by superstitious men that thought women were nothing but property. You're claiming the morality of ignorant goat herders as "objective" when it's nothing of the sort.

She just picked out that one verse. There are many many more like that in the Bible. It is nothing of a "cursory surface look." An indepth examination of the Bible will clearly show what primitive men thought of women.
 1. for the "New Shekel" if by weight in silver $170.
 2. yes, the bible refers to women as oxen
 3. remember, because He cheated on Her!
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