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Every God has the proof my God does?  Show me this.  Why is my God so "unlikeable"?

Seriously? You think Christianity is the only religion that there is/are god(s) that created the Earth, the universe, every living thing? Every religion has a god or gods that created everything. Did you ignore my previous points? The sun exists therefore Ra exists, the sun is proof of Ra. The sun points to Ra. The invisible qualities of Ra can be seen by the visible qualities of the sun.... blah, blah, blah. No matter what you can come up with, there were other religions thousands of years before yours spouting out the same stuff. Our question remains the same: How do we know yours is the REAL god if your god has just as much proof as all the other gods?

Do you not get this? Every creator god claims to have created the Earth. They cannot all be correct, but they can all be wrong. Since they all claim the same thing, it cannot be included in as proof unless there's something else to identify them as the creator.


You find a wallet on the ground. Since wallets are not normally on the ground, it had to have gotten there somehow. You ask, "Who's wallet is this?"

Vishnu: Mine!
Buddah: Mine!
Allah: Mine!
YHWH: Mine!
Jesus: Mine!
Pope: Mine!

So who does it belong to? In order to find out, you have to find some other qualifier to determine the owner, luckilly for us wallets normally have an ID in it. But, alas, no ID was found. No god left thier 'ID' anywhere in existence. That's why apologists say that he's, "outside of space and time." To make excuses... however this is actually a bad example because wallets do not occur naturally. The reason I used this example is because wallets are obviously human made and are known to have ownership when not on a shelf in a store.

That's the point of this site, trying to find the 'ID' of god, but for WWGHA specifically, the christian god. With this question being very relevant because outside of evolution, creationism, men having nipples makes no sense. Why people hit puberty as early as 12 when they have to wait and abstain till 18 to marry without needing parental conscent. With an All-Powerful god, this make no sense, but with evolution and the long timeframe that evolution needs, it does.

So, where is specifically your god's 'ID'? That cannot be claimed to be any other god's 'ID.' That no other god has claimed to be thier 'ID.'


As to know why people don't like YHWH, Jesus, 'God.' Well, there's the whole trinity thing right? Jesus was there from the beginning, whenever 'God' ordered something, Jesus was in complete agreement with the father, otherwise it would have said, "God the father commands Joshua to slaughter every male villager regardless of age, including infants, and every woman that does not have an intact hymen to be put to death by the sword, while those that do are to be rounded up and forced to sleep with the men who killed thier families." << sure, it isn't exact wording, but read between the lines, after all, what woman would want to be the wife and have sex with the man that killed her family?

Oh, and that's 'God' playing nice, just wait till they get nasty. 
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