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I notice, once in a while, people posting things referring to their location.

Interestingly, it strikes me that of the members from the USA, there are probably more from the Bible belt than otherwise. I have not actually checked this out, so I may be mistaken, but it seems I rarely see those who claim to be from New England. Maybe we just feel less put upon in this neck of the woods or something.

I also find it personally hard not to to glom onto things which are more or less irrelevant, like feeling a kinship with someone from England just because I spent the first 9+ years of my life there, or with someone who has some knowledge of Polish life/culture/language because my father made it very clear throughout my formative years that this is who I was GOING to be...It would be kind of cool, though, to have a subforum along these lines...or just a lowly thread.
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