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I'm 16 actually. (July 10th 1997)
And your post was rather a derailment, as the topic is for asking questions, not making statements.
Lastly, where is every one here coming up with "A tulpa is not a separate entity."?
I have stated several times that i agree, so why bring it up even more? Do you want me to lie or something? I don't know.
But I do believe that tulpae are distinct, in some form, neuroscience is odd...

Fifteen or sixteen, my point still stands. You are very young, and your mind still has a lot of maturing ahead of it. You may be fairly intelligent for your age, but a mid-teen nonetheless.

As for a statement "derailing" the thread, I'm not sure you really have a case for that. A statement, in this case, can easily be turned to a question without really altering anything. If I had prefaced my post with, "the way it sounds to me", and followed it up with "is that right, or does it make sense at all?", would that have made a difference? You can still answer the points made.

As for whether or not this thread should be locked (as you bring up in a further post), I don't know. There's still a lot which is interesting about the premise, and it could probably be discussed with or without you. As long as you keep contradicting yourself in your statements as much as you have been, there isn't much we can really learn from you specifically about the theories of Tulpae. Not that there seems to be much in the way of concrete ideas of what they are anyway. One of the links you posted said something to the effect that there was probably a different idea of exactly what a Tulpa was for every person who had played with creating one. Hmm...sounds just like Jesus. 

Anyway, no one has particularly been attacking you. Even Greybeard's recent post only stated that you seemed to have too much time on your hands and not a lot of serious thinking required of you, so you decided to play this Tulpa game and got a little overly wrapped up in it. This does not equate to assuming you are an idiot. As I said before, just the fact that you are still so young makes this sort of obsession a very common scenario.

Would you agree? (there, I made it a question).
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