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I didn't see this thread when it first came up, but it was about then that I had a really good talk about religion with my husband, who usually doesn't want any part of such discussions.

We were both brought up Catholic, but both more or less jettisoned anything like letting faith have any real influence on day-to-day living pretty early on. Where I found the whole process to be rather interesting and sought to read and discuss all those questions, though, he had dug himself a little hole wherein he still believed in god; would probably have continued going to church at least some of the time, and didn't want to explore his actual thoughts on the subject because (I think) it might have necessitated his admitting that he didn't know the answers to things like where the world came from, and he's just that sort of A personality engineering type who gets very nervous when he doesn't have all the answers. The god of the gaps saved him from that, and I think that was basically the only god he really cared about.

But, at any rate, we were talking about the new Pope, and my husband is very impressed with him so far. I have been cautiously optimistic myself that he (the Pope) might actually have something like a Universalist streak in him, though I suspect it's mostly rhetoric at this point. I'm not ready to head back to the church or anything, but it would be nice if some of it actually started rubbing off here and there. I could probably manage a Universalist  church if I had to be in some kind of one.

Anyway, point being that somehow the conversation turned to this website, which he's sort of been aware of as something I participate in, which is anti-religion, but he's never cared enough to find out more about it. But I explained the premise behind the name, and it was as though he simply had never thought of it in those terms...he spent some time actually expounding on how much sense it made.

I don't expect you will find him as a member anytime soon...religious debate is still just not something he is comfortable with, but I'm thinking that this conversation may have put another chink in what is already little more than nominal Christianity.
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