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This made me think, and maybe I'm just confused, but, in Christian doctrine, did all that "sin" baggage come into being after the Fall? I mean, were Adam and Eve supposed to be perfect and not liable to commit any sin other than the one thing they had been warned against (eating the fruit)?

The list does read pretty heavily NT, with all the references to Jesus, but also a lot of OT laws in there.

Point being, I guess, that let's say A&E never ate the fruit, and continued their life of bliss in the garden, would they have continued to live in behavioral perfection, and not be subject to ever feeling anger or to having the occasional spat? And what of their descendants? Would there never be any jealousy or laziness or rebellion among them? Or would these lapses simply not count as "sin" yet, not having been expressly forbidden? Did all these traits only arise in humanity after the Fall? The Bible tells of the change in the Serpent (crawl on belly and eat dust), and of the trials that A&E would have to endure as a result of eating the fruit (toil, pain in childbirth, etc), but does not mention anything like "thou shalt now be prone to committing some sin or another every time you turn around". It's not in the Creation story, anyway (as far as I can see), but maybe there are allusions to it elsewhere. I have never managed to slog my way through the entire Bible, and much of what I have read was so boring that it never really went beyond just looking at the words without a whole lot of comprehension. I always sort of figured that "original sin" meant the taint of that one disobedience being passed down throughout the rest of humanity, but I guess that one "sin" opened the door to all the rest?

Not that I'm expecting it to make any sense, but looking at it that way just makes god look even pettier and more vindictive. And the mythology even more like Pandora's Box.
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