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Junebug, doesn't it ever occur to you, in reading all the responses, that maybe there is an element of personality, and just the way individual people are wired, to the whole matter of belief?

You are the type of person for whom faith in something bigger is sustaining; you find comfort and meaning through it, therefore you naturally look for, and, as a result, find those things which support that belief. It is what works for you.

Similarly, you must see that there are many people here who have no need for those things, and, indeed, find their lives more meaningful without the element of faith. Some who were  not indoctrinated, thus never missed it, and others who found, upon shedding it, that their lives were enriched, and that they were not less but more likely to put effort into making the lives of those aroud them better. It is what works for them.

What, then, makes the type of person wired for faith inherently better than one wired to see life as even more amazing and precious without that element?

And also, given that there is an element of this natural "wiring" of the brain which basically predestines some people toward belief, is there not some chance that this faith has an element of delusion?

I would agree, by the way, that if this works one way, it should also work the other, and that those who are more susceptible to not believing in god could be the delusional ones, except that this view would mean that god created those people without the "belief gene", which really does seem like kind of an unfair thing for a supreme being to do.
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