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Very good point. But, to be fair, there are a lot of Christians out there who probably don't go around breaking the sorts of laws that you are talking about.

That's the whole problem with such lists of "sins"... They encompass not only the sins of the mind, which, as has been pointed out, are something which no one can have total control over, but also all the little faults like getting angry, being too lazy to go mow the lawn, eating way too much of a delicious dinner, buying that useless trinket which was just too hard to resist...almost anything which doesn't directly involve praising god seems to be perceived as a sin by some of the fundies, and all those are things which, no matter your intentions, or how much you believe, you are just going to slip up on. And then it plays right into the notion that we are all sinners and can't help it.

We are not necessarily talking about acts where the laws need to be considered, then deliberately broken. I do believe that lots of Christians out there get along quite well without straying into that territory (as do atheists), but in their world, just the process of enjoying life in any material way seems to count as one of those things which makes them unworthy of salvation, yet still blessed enough (assuming born-again status) to be given a pass for when they falter.

That's where it gets really get difficult, because they have been indoctrinated to believe that simply living life as anything but 100% mindful of god in every second of every day is sinful, and no matter their intentions, that's simply not achievable.
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