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3ยบ No. That question about sodom was going to be great, but u screwed up at the end, so I won't answer it... :P

I think it was a great question as well, and won't include the tag which you found offensive. Will you answer it now? Honestly, it's not something which had occurred to me before, and i'm intrigued at how a theist would view it. Again, god promised he would spare Sodom if more than ten righteous people could be found there. And presumable a city would have more than ten children. The only way to justify this, as far as I can see offhand, would be to claim that these children, having not yet reached the age of accountability, would somehow not be counted toward the population. Which also raises the question that someone else touched on (either here or on another thread) of abortion. If a young child of Sodom is not counted as an inhabitant of a city and wiped out wholesale (as in this instance, or in the Flood, or any of the Biblical battles in which children were slaughtered) why is an embryo considered in the same light as a fully realized human being?
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