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You bring up a good point, Emily.

A lot of theists want to make the claim that it is human sin and corruption which allows such suffering as that of the child in the photograph. They will tell us that it is only because of man's greed, selfishness, love of power, etc that such things are allowed, and if we took care of each other, these things could be remedied.

But if god had simply created the Earth such that there were no vast areas of desert, impenetrable mountains, frozen wastelands, etc...if he had created a world with a reasonably temperate climate worldwide, without conditions which spawn hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes and droughts, and with stable continents which don't experience the kind of drift which causes devastating earthquakes, etc...how many of these problems might never have arisen? If there was enough room and enough resources for a population such as we have now, and one piece of land was not so much better than another as to be worth killing for? Surely this would have been within his capability.

Maybe, given human nature, scuffles would have broken out, but would there really be that much reason, aside from the silliness of religion which people seem so prone to invent, for wars and inequality on the level we see now?
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