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sorry about the bad quotes working on it.

there is no need for the hostility. I am not here but to share my personal experiences. You don't have to believe them I am just sharing. You have asked me for proof and I am offering it to you by reliving some dark moments in my life.  Each moment brought me closer to God.  I am trying to say if you want proof you have to need Him and He will show Himself to you by seeing you through when you think you have no strength left. I hope you don't need Him because that would mean you are suffering and I don't wish that on anyone.

no i don't have a strand of His hair or a piece of His garment, all I have is my own story which i am happy to share if it brings 1 person in this forum closer to God.

Here's the thing, though, Junebug.

You have really offered nothing thus far but some very vague, very subjective rhetoric. If you have a story which you feel offers evidence, by all means tell it...but don't be surprised if it is not as compelling to others here as it is to you.
It seems as though you were probably brought up Christian, but couldn't deal with the fear and frustration of knowing that your sexual orientation was so much at odds with what you were taught growing up. You (rightly) came to the conclusion that a god as supposedly loving as the one you had grown up believing in would not be one to cast one of his children into everlasting torment for loving the wrong person. You couldn't rationalize it within Christianity, yet the idea of walking away from faith was also terrifying.

So you started reading various books and maybe visiting websites and forums in search of an alternate understanding of god. You cherry-picked and stitched together a version of a god which not-so-coincidentally shared your values. And such was the relief of being able to believe and trust in a deity after having felt abandoned by the one you were raised with, you not-so-coincidentally experienced what must have felt like an overwhelming feeling of love and acceptance in return.

These things are normal. And if they bring you comfort, then go ahead and believe, but as I've said, be advised that for those who do not believe, your stories may not be compelling.

Another thing you have to understand here is that many people on this forum are ex-Christians who also went through the trauma of losing their faith. Many kept seeking, sometimes desperately, for ways to hold onto that sense of being loved and protected. Many went through periods of embracing other faiths, or clinging to Universalist or deist philosophies. They did not just dust the notion of god off like a bad habit and move on. They searched. Where was god for them?

Oh, and another question...Since you say you don't subscribe to the Christian faith, what are your views on salvation? Do you believe in an afterlife? Heaven? What must we, in your understanding, do to get there? Are good works enough? Are they necessary? Is faith necessary? Repentance? If god loves all of us, does he send anyone to hell? Because if it doesn't particularly matter what you believe, then what, aside from warm fuzzies, is the practical use of god being there? Many of us do just fine without the warm fuzzies from an intangible being and prefer to get them from those important to us in this earthly life. I'd appreciate hearing some of your views on these subjects

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