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You so quickly gravitate to anthing but the Christian God no matter how Christian the context of my story is.  Have you forgotten the Pat Robertson element.

I attribute this manner of focusing on pagan rather than the true God to the aversion atheists have for the true God.  It's like, no no no, any God but the God of the bible!.  I say this because I just can't imagine you having the same conversation in reverse but instead questoning the pagan and asking, "how can you be sure that it isn't Jesus Christ?"  I can't picture you doing that.  Am I wrong?
Again, Wayne...these illustrations are not meant to imply that we believe, or would rather believe, in different deities, but rather to show that mythology of any background tends to share a lot of elements, and if one steps back and looks at them all dispassionately, the playing field becomes level, and it is just as difficult to give credence to Christianity as it is to take the Greek, Hindu, Norse, or Egyptian mythologies seriously. Oh, and Christianity is not unique in having a single god either. The other monotheistic religions escape me at the moment; maybe someone else could step in here.

We are just trying to make you understand this.

I know we are unlikely to make a dent in your beliefs, but to a point I think many would be happy to give you a pass if you so much as showed an understanding that, for all intents and purposes there is no objective way to prove that any religion or mythology in the history of the world can be proven true. And this includes Christianity.

Your stories are compelling to you, but to others, coming from different backgrounds, they signify nothing.

As much as you want others to react to them with awe and amazement, you have to learn to put yourself in the shoes of a skeptic. Didn't you say, back when you joined this thread, that you would attempt to present your arguments with the atheist view in mind? I don't recall how you phrased it, but what you have been doing is the furthest thing from that, and it's very, very frustrating.
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