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 Faith is accepting an idea as true without reason, or against reason. The first half of this is accepting an idea in spite of the fact that there is no justified reason to believe it.

Your statement that we take on faith that our senses accurately determine our surroundings is false. Our senses have evolved to do exactly that. Through reason and ingenuity our species has developed tools to enhance and aid our natural senses.

To say science is based entirely on faith is utter nonsense. The scientific method starts with a theory and then sets out to prove or disprove that theory. There is no faith component about it at all. You can't say that a kettle will boil as you have faith that the electrons will flow through the element and generate heat etc.

To conclude that Atheism relies on science is also utter nonsense. Atheism means that we do not believe there is a God as there is no reason to believe there is a God. The only argument for a God is "you have to have faith" other than that there is nothing, no argument whatsoever. In the face of all we have learned since coming out of the Dark Ages the idea of God becomes more and more ridiculous and the religions that peddle the idea are even more absurd at best, evil at worst.
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