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Quote from: jdawg70
What if god didn't actually exist?  Would you also bump into this extreme difficulty in communication?

That's why God can't be thought of as being less intelligent, because it's a hypothetical, the hypothetical is: "A supreme being inspires authors". My point was that such a being could not directly and literally dictate to human beings. If God didn't actually exist, then the problems we're addressing in scripture are the result of inconsistencies in our minds which conceived of a God that doesn't actually exist and couldn't keep it straight. 

Quote from: jdawg70
No but it does mean that they assume that the bible is a source for divine inspiration.  I'm not really too worried about the 'literal' part at this point, but I a little worried about the assumption that the bible is the result of inspiration coming from an actual, real god, and, in turn, whatever inspiration they are deriving from it (literal or otherwise), it is related to the divine.

Well, that's the crux of the whole thing, is there a God or isn't there? No examination of holy writ can tell us that. the only thing that we can say about divine inspiration is that the authors of scripture and the founders of these religions understood it to be X and not Y. That X is actual inspiration from a divine being is untestable. You can test the logical consistency of the "idea" of inspiration, but you can't test its practical usefulness or actuality.

Quote from: jdawg70
Got it, but still don't really care if the inspiration was direct and literal at this point.

Oh, well that's the only thing I've been talking about. We can't really discuss the "actuality" of inspiration by discussing scripture its self.

[quote author=jdawg70I am still at a loss as to what manner the biblical authors (and I guess we've added in biblical scholars) were 'inspired'.  It just...it just doesn't sound like 'god' is involved in the inspiration.  It just sounds like it is incorrect to say that god inspired the authors of the bible.  It sounds like, perhaps, the biblical authors were inspired by events in the world around them, inspired by their peers who were also searching for god, inspired by previous authors who were searching for god, inspired by their own personal agendas, but no where do I see a place to fit them being inspired by god.[/quote]

The question is "What did they think inspiration was?" the question that you seem to be interested in is "What would scripture be like if it were "actually" inspired by a God?", which can't really be answered. 
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