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In other words, divine revelation is by nature, information that we cannot normally think by ourselves and is difficult to understand. The incarnation, the trinity, the resurrection, these are all good examples.

But surely, everything there is was created by god, and we were created by god with specific mental capabailities.  So if divine revelation is hard to understand, is that not specifically due to god's deliberate choice for it to BE hard to understand?

No, the limitations is ours. The infinite talking to the finite is a massive jump across a bridge.

We may have the limitations.  But that is not our fault.

The believer asserts that the infinite CREATED the finite, in every respect.  If the finite cannot "jump the bridge" as a result of the way it was created, then that is the fault of the creator.

It's like giving me potatoes and then complaining if I can't make carrot soup: the failure to acheive the right soup is down to whoever gave me the wrong vegetables.

I thin this represents a mistake made by many people, theist and non theist alike, who contemplate God. God is not (or should not be viewed as) a "magical" being who can do anything. If god exists and created beings that had a completely different nature from its own, then those are the terms upon which it must communicate with those creatures.

the word "fault" doesn't apply in this case. The fact that I can't directly instruct my cat that the needle is for its own good isn't the cat's "fault" or mine, it's a consequence of the fact that I and the cat are of different levels of intelligence and have different means of communication.
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