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There was a minor league sports team -- hockey, I think -- who were taken over by new management.  There was a fan club, self-organized, which made a great to-do about the logo.

New management changed the logo to some trendy modernist doo-dad with some babble about a new start.  The fan club was angry.  A spokesman for management got all passive-aggressive about the property rights of the management and their artistic freedoms!  (Damn com-symp fans.)

The editorial I read pointed out that sports franchises do belong to the fans tho they do not have legal rights. 

I would add for instance how the Cleveland Browns introduced a pixie character called a brownie as a logo.  One season the backfield players started psyching themselves up before a play by barking like dogs.  It was a habit that would inevitably go away as the roster changed over the years.  But the fans -- particularly the bleachers -- picked it up with all sorts of canine stuff and the Browns became the Dawgs and the stadium became the Dawg Pound.  The Browns organization was wise enough to go with the flow. 

The point is that to some extent the fans make this site what it is by gentle nudges.  Not gentle nudges like Dave Dave's ranting.  He said we all have to sacrifice our friendships, promotions, families by coming out hard and yelling at everyone we know.  Why?  Because (and this makes me weep[1]) there might be a 14 year old boy out there who would have heard of this and it would have given him an extra iota of encouragement to come out to his parents.  We all have our own lives and we are not part of an army.  ("Commands come in 2 parts: A preparatory and a finish, such as 'Atten...tion!' or 'At...ease'.  The position of attention is alert but relaxed.  This is not the British army.  The correct position of the hand is at your side with the thumb lightly touching the palm.")  So Dave Dave left.

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