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Every now and then, particularly after reading heaps of theist posts on WWGHA, I get to thinking "What if there IS a god?" But then I immediately dismiss the idea like a good atheist, the notion is ridiculous. But one thing has been bugging me for a bit now, what if there not only IS a god, but a heaven as well, and we ALL get to go there and live forever? I'm thinking, that would be awful, just plain terrible. Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to die anytime soon, I certainly don't have any sort of death-wish, but I was kinda looking forward to the eternal rest that comes with, well, being dead. Like really dead. No heaven, no hell, no limbo, no eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, just... plain... dead. Restful.

Is that weird? Has this idea occurred to anyone else?

I remember a while back you said death is like the ultimate sleep in. Nothing to fear  there.  I just want to sleep in after death.
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