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So I reviewed the video a bit and there are some important things that I want to drive home to this crowd.

Debate is a format that favors politics, not science. You can "win" a debate without any actual facts of your own.  If you lie so swiftly or skillfully that your opponent can't counter you "win". If you attack so viciously that you opponent is flustered you "win". You don't actually have to be "right" to win a debate.

On the other hand, science will move inexorable toward truth. Observation, hypothesis, experimenting, peer review all pull back the curtain covering the unknown.

And the greatest reveal of how this happens was the dichotomy in response to one question: "What evidence, if anything, would make you change your mind about evolution?"

Nye started rattling off a list of conditions that would falsify his vision of life on earth and origins. "We prove the universe is fixed and not expanding, that the stars that appear billions of light years away are actually very close..." Bill rattled off several ideas in just a few seconds. Because he knows how science works! He knows that any hypothesis must be falsifiable. He knows how to test them. He can imagine the experiments in his mind. SCIENCE!

Ham's answer, "I am a Christian". That's it. No creativity, no imagination, no hypothesis testing. Nothing. No. Fucking. Science.

So much for "Two Science Guys" Ken. You failed scientific method 101, chapter one, first paragraph. BOOM! it's over! You have no science, no theory, no hypothesis, get it out of the school and back to church.

If the IDers and creationists ever bring their circus to schools in my state, that is the FIRST question that comes out, "What evidence, if anything, would make you change your mind about evolution?" if there is no answer, then there is no science and we are done.

There is no point in debating someone who can never be swayed. And those that can never be swayed are absolutely not scientists no matter what they call themselves.

It is the poison pill against any push for ID or creation science in the classroom. Don't debate them, ask them to prove they are prepared to disavow their faith in the face of appropriate evidence. If they can't do it, they are not scientists and there is no place for their ideas in a classroom.
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